What to expect when staying in a Luxury Hotel

Posted on 18/03/2015

What to expect when staying in a Luxury Hotel

We are often confused by the star rating system used for hotels. To make matters worse, there is no consistent rating system from country to country and most classification schemes don’t always take into account the sort of attention to detail which makes the difference between a good hotel and a bad hotel.

Today, the word “luxury” has been downgraded by overuse. Everything has its luxury component nowadays… but for those us who are experienced luxury demanding travellers, the term “luxury hotel” has to mean something.

Generally, both four star and five star hotels describe themselves as luxury.

So what does this mean? Put simply… Hotel guests paying high luxury-hotel rates have a right to expect certain luxury hotel standards, in service; in rooms, in dining and in everything else good luxury hotels offer.

SO… What to expect in the Caribbean?

Well for one thing, (note to self…) when you travel to the Caribbean for a “luxury” holiday, don’t expect the most flattering infrastructure. However, there are several other areas where the hotels may shine – Check out our brief list below:

HATE TO WAIT – Fast, Easy, Discreet Check In & Check Out

Nothing is more frustrating than waiting on a long check-in line when you’ve spent the day just getting to the hotel. Luxury Travellers hate to wait!

The room you are assigned should be exactly the type of room you want. A true luxury hotel can and will accommodate your request regarding:

Room Category/Level
Physical location – (Near the lobby? or Secluded? – Mountain View or Sea View? – Ground floor or near the elevators?)
Special room classification: Pet friendly? Handicapped?
A king bed, if that’s what you want.


Luxury hotel guests should get the feeling that they are known and valued. They should expect hotel personnel who greet guests with at least a smile at every encounter.

A luxury hotel should offer its guests these services – and not just guests who have ungraded to club-floor status. When on a luxury holiday, guests should typically expect:

A 24-hour fitness centre with at least a range of basic equipment: Stairmaster, treadmill, stationary bike, free weights, and floor mats
A pool, if at all possible given the hotel’s space
Round-the-clock room service
A social lobby area with couches, wifi, and (non-mandatory) bar service
A concierge who knows more than you do, and does not push tourist traps onto guests

A luxury hotel should offer its guests these services at no charge:

Bottled water and coffee in the room
Room wifi
Fitness centre use
Morning coffee served in the lobby is a rare but very welcome treat
Local phone calls (especially important overseas, when you might not want to use your mobile phone)


Trident Hotel – Port Antonio, Jamaica

Secret Bay – Dominica

Sandy Lane Hotel – Barbados

Jade Mountain – St. Lucia

The Peninsula House – Dominican Republic




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