Holidays in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico's charm can be found in its old town and yet close by you would be forgiven for mistaking it with Miami’s South Beach. There is so much to do and see in Puerto Rico that it can easily overwhelm any traveller visiting for the first time. 

The island is a U.S. territory less than three hours from Miami by plane. So when you are shopping in San Juan you can pay for your souvenirs with American bills. Don't be mistaken though, the island isn't quite a home away from home.

Puerto Rico is an exhilarating mix of landscapes. From the serpentine jungle of El Yunque to the corkscrew caves of Parque de las Cavernas del Río Camuy. If you want to get away from the busting island city entirely, you can ferry over to the secluded islands of Vieques and Culebra.

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We love Puerto Rico for

Casa Bacardi

El Yunque National Forest


Monkey Island

Bioluminescent Mosquito Bay

Old San Juan

When to go to Puerto Rico

The best time to visit Puerto Rico is from mid-April to June, right after the busy winter season and just before the rainy summer. To get the best deals, you will need to book up to a year in advance.

We recommend that you try travelling to Puerto Rico at other times if you are not bound by school holidays, where you will find some great hotel and airfare deals.

Weather in Puerto Rico

Little difference exists between winter and summer temperatures and spring weather is very pleasant, barely escaping the mid-20°s on most days. Daily average temperatures in Puerto Rico range from 24°C to 29°C. Peak temperatures usually occur in August (average 27°C).

Although Puerto Rico’s rainy season isn’t as distinct as that of many other tropical islands, most rainfall occurs throughout the period from May to November as opposed to during the winter and early spring. Typically, rain occurs in short bursts, rarely lasting more than an hour or two, apart from tropical storms.

Flight time

Approx 14+ Hours

Time difference

GMT -5 hours (Atlantic Standard Time)

High season

Mid April – June



Puerto Rico in essence

Local information

Language – Spanish is the official language.

Currency – The US dollar (USD) is the official currency for all cash transactions in Puerto Rico. Present denominations are $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100, although $2 bills are not common. There are also 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢ and 50¢ and dollar coins.

Local Customs – When it comes to bars and restaurants (unless on the beach), Puerto Ricans tend to dress up, and men with shirt-tails hanging out are regarded as a bit scruffy. Many restaurants and casinos have dress codes, although women tend to be treated more leniently than men.

Tipping – Generally, you tip in Puerto Rico as you would on the US mainland. Buffets Tip staff 10% to 20% if they are serving you your drinks. Luggage attendants $1 to $2 per bag for anyone who helps with your luggage, whether it’s a skycap, shuttle driver, bellhop etc.

Voltage – 110-120 Volts (Same as U.S./Canada, most other areas are 220-240 Volts)

Country dialling code is +1

Need to know

Emergencies - Dial 911 for All Emergencies.

Security in Puerto Rico - Most of the crime on the island occurs in and around the San Juan Metropolitan area and in the larger cities of Ponce and Mayaguez to a lesser degree. Most of that crime is directly related to the illegal drug industry, so you need not be unduly worried.

Old San Juan and other major tourist zones in Puerto Rico are safe and a police presence is visible. As with any large city, one should exercise prudence and avoid wandering into unknown areas of the city, especially at night and one should not leave valuables visible inside a parked rental car.

Other Risks - To be on the safe side while in Puerto Rico, drink bottled water. If you buy produce from a street market, wash and/or peel it before eating.

Despite the occasional case of Dengue, Puerto Rico requires no specific vaccinations for entry. However, the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention advise travellers to update tetanus and other routine shots before participating in outdoor activities and to always use mosquito preventatives.

Travellers are also advised to bring prescription medicines sufficient for their length of stay.

When sourcing a water sport provider that is not affiliated to your hotel, make sure they are properly licenced to provide those services, avoid approaches on the beach from vendors offering water sport.

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