Welcome back to T&T

Posted on 20/07/2021

Welcome back to T&T

Welcome back to Trinidad!

You may have heard that T&T opened on the 17th of July, we had our first client go in on Saturday to attend her father’s funeral, with our help her journey was trouble free. There are very strict protocols for entry as with many other destinations, please make sure you are familiar with them prior to booking.

Not all agents are created equal!

We have heard of people making bookings without knowing what the protocols are, the agent they booked with doesn’t know either! We are inundated with calls from passengers who have not booked with us wanting to know what the entry protocols are, unfortunately we are only able to advise clients who have a booking with Caribbee.

British Airways to POS

BA’s first flight to POS is on the 30th of August with just one flight a week to start with, fares starting from £560.
Alternatively you can also transit Barbados with BA or Virgin and onward connection with Caribbean Airlines, there are at least 2 flights a week at this time.

Call the office for quotes 0208 682 1115

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