We need your help!

Posted on 24/04/2014

We need your help!

We like to think (like the Carlsberg advert) we’re probably the best Caribbean Specialist. Yes, it’s a tall claim but it’s kind’a what we’re being told by you, our passengers.

We are careful and we check over things to make sure that you know what you are getting, but with the best will in the world, sometimes things go wrong!

Here is how you can help us to make sure things always go right;

Listen to the details we read back to you, this is what we are booking for you, if it is not correct, let us know.
Read the information we send you if only the name, dates and destination and check the spelling of your name.
If and when you find an error, let us know as soon as possible, the more time we have, usually the better the outcome.

We don’t often get things wrong and when we do we fix it at our cost, but when things go wrong and it’s not our fault we do what we can to mitigate the problem and cost.

Lastly, the bookings we make are driven by the passenger, our agents aren’t randomly making bookings so it make good sense to check everything over with us to make sure it’s all correct.

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