T&T British High Commission

Posted on 08/04/2020

T&T British High Commission

Dear Passengers in Trinidad & Tobago,

As you know the global pandemic has caused untold disruption and hardship for everyone, we wish we could do more but when Governments close their boarders or go on lockdown, airlines stop flying and cancel flights, it prevents us from doing much to assist you and that’s assuming we have a workforce well enough to work as the virus has wreaked havoc in our office too.

That said, at the moment a small number of us have set ourselves up so that we can answer calls, it’s a rudimentary setup but it means we can at least take some calls and give answers where we have some. We expect that as more staff get over the virus we will be able to take more calls and give more assistance where we can.

At this time we are focusing on assisting those abroad who through no fault of theirs find themselves stuck.

The first thing we are doing is re-booking you for the first flight we find available, we will email you or those we are authorised to communicate with the details of such flights. If you are able to take the flight booked we can then go ahead and process the ticket which too will be emailed in due course.

The second thing that needs to be done is this:-
Virgin Passengers log on to the following site and lodge all your details HERE or type the following into your browser https://flywith.virginatlantic.com/gb/en/prepare-to-fly/away-from-home.html?webform=away-from-home

Or search “Virgin Atlantic Send us a Message form”.

Unfortunately, British Airways does not have such a form at this time.

Thirdly contact the British High Commission if you are not a British Citizen please refrain from this step.

Here are the details for the British High Commission that you are stuck in Trinidad & Tobago.

The phone number for urgent assistance is +1 868 350 0444

This link is for contacting the High Commission Contact-HC

Social media LINK

Rescue flights.

Where a rescue flight has been arranged and we are able to we will advise you, the “Virgin Away from Home form” is what we understand Virgin Atlantic will be using to contact passengers, these flights may not be made available publicly and hence we may not be able to book them for you.

Seriously consider this, the vulnerable may be safer in the Caribbean than in the UK, several passengers have arranged to extend their stay because they are safer where they are, could this apply to you?

We know that this is a time of worry and anxiety as there so much unknown, we have taken a commitment to keep contact via phone and email available to answer questions where we can.

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