The A – Z of the Caribbean

Posted on 05/07/2023

The A – Z of the Caribbean

The A – Z of the Caribbean

With so many options at your fingertips, planning a holiday to the Caribbean can throw up a lot of questions. Island or mainland? Beachside or Mountain View? Trail the crowd or go it alone? Our handy A to Z guide should give you a clearer picture…

A is for adventure… We all have different reasons for visiting the Caribbean, whether it’s about finding that great jerk chicken, or searching for a deserted beach. But sometimes we are just looking for a little thrill – anything from swimming with dolphins & stingrays in St. Vincent, Mountain Biking in Tobago to Zip lining through St. Kitts.

B is for beaches… Cuba alone offers more than 300 beautifully clean natural beaches spread out along its expansive coastline. Just imagine what the other islands have to offer.

C is for Carnival… The biggest and most well-known festival of the Caribbean Islands. Celebrated by every island at different times throughout the year – literally a carnival per season!

D is for diving… Beautiful, accessible and packed with marine life — these are among the many favourite things divers love about the sun-kissed islands in the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

E is for escapes… Barbuda’s unspoiled beaches are natural, sprinkled with pink sand and miles long. They allow you to slip away from the crowds to secluded bays.

F is for food, food and more food… People always think of jerk chicken when it comes to West Indian food, and whilst that’s one of our staples there are so many more authentic dishes to be experienced.

G is for Guava… Many of us are used to the typical Strawberry/Cherry jams and jellies but what about a nice local spot of guava jam or guava cheese – one of the islands popular fruit creations.

H is for history… Each Caribbean destination is historically charged. Hop on a tour that reflects the happenings of 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue or journey through Chichen Itza’s large pre-Columbian city, built by the Maya people.

I is for Islands… There are at least 28 island nations and more than 7,000 individual islands in the Caribbean scattered off The North, Central and South American mainland’s, ranging from firm favourites like The Florida Keys to the southernmost Trinidad & Tobago.

J is for Junkanoo… The liveliest and largest of sensational Bahamian celebrations – Junkanoo – a party that parades primarily in in Nassau, but you can also experience the intoxicating carnival atmosphere on Grand Bahama Island, Eleuthera/Harbour Island, Bimini, The Exumas and The Abacos.

K is for Kicking back… Quite simply what the phrase implies – go to the Caribbean – Chillax, lay back, kick off your shoes and keep it real. Add some alcoholic to the mix and not really do much at all – just enjoy life.

L is for Luxury… The Caribbean knows how to do luxury to the nines. Various islands such as St. Barths, Jamaica and The Bahamas have all played host to hundreds of Hollywood A-listers and international heads of state over the years.

M is for Music…  A diverse group of musical genres originate from the Caribbean. Popular types of Caribbean music include reggae, salsa and calypso; with influences from African, European, Indian and Indigenous inspirations – so there is something for everyone.

N is for nature… We know the region thrives heavily on natural beauty – green botanical gardens, blue seas and all. But did you know dolphins, turtles, Jaguars, and even sperm Whales live here?

O is for Optimal Weather… Weather in the Caribbean can make a vacation a beautiful experience or a disaster that is best forgotten. It mainly depends on when you go, so make sure to plan ahead.

P is for picturesque… Its a photographers playground. With an array of subject matter. Calypso, Voodoo, Sunshine, Communism, Reggae, Colonialism, The Slave Trade, Rum, Revolution, Industry and Tourism – environmental portraits, digital HD video topside and underwater are all aspect of the caribbean to be explored through photograph.

Q is for quiet time… If you’d rather shy away from the big-name islands, head for places like  Petit Saint Vincent, Barbuda, Nevis and Guana Island. Here, the beaches are footprint-free, and high-rise hotels are a no-no.

R is for Romantic rendez-vous… The Caribbean is the most completely original place on Earth created for two people in love – definitely a place to getaway where you don’t have to think about anything at all.

S is for Sugar and Spice… and all things nice. That’s what the Caribbean is made of. From superb spiced rum to sweet tasty treats – you can see how hard it is to define the Caribbean as just one thing.

U is for UNESCO sites… A plethora of ‘Natures Little Secrets’ puts The Caribbean on UNESCO’s map – The Piton’s in St. Lucia, The Fortressed Brimstone Hill National Park in St. Kitts, and the ancient Mayan Cities in Mexico are just a few that top the list in the region.

V is for Volcanoes… Almost all of the Caribbean islands started life as volcanoes. The most famous being Soufrière Hills volcano, is a complex stratovolcano that forms the northern half of the small Island of Montserrat – last active in 1995 with sustained seismic activity throughout the years.

W is for Windmills… The uber-cool landscapes of many Caribbean islands, are chock-full of iconic windmills. They’ve been gracing postcards for decades, and many have be transformed into trendy unconventional housing options for visitors to experience.

X is for Xtream Sports… For our adrenaline junkies – Aruba is world-famous for its perfect beaches, relaxing breezes and calm waters, but there are also adventurous land and sea activities to make any level of thrill seeker happy. From challenging hiking and bike trails, to windsurfing, kayaking, wreck diving and even skydiving, Aruba is an ideal adventure vacation.

Y is for yielding to temptation… It’s time to immerse yourself in all things Caribbean, unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Z is for zero tolerance… for not having a great time on vacation. Give yourself some time to do whatever you want and have fun doing it.

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