So you’ve checked in online…

Posted on 14/01/2014

So you’ve checked in online…

We have mentioned before in a previous news item that passengers cannot be complacent when it comes to getting to the airport on time for their flight, planes don’t wait!

The queue seems to have moved from the check-in desk to the baggage drop desk, so if you have baggage to drop off you will still need to get to the relevant desk on time and that’s not one hour before departure, we still suggest you drop your bags two to three hours before departure.

So what’s the point of online check-in I hear you ask?

Well the thing is that everyone is doing it and because they are, it puts those who do not check-in online at a disadvantage because as people check-in online, their seat cannot re re-assigned. Whereas those not checked-in who may already have a seat assignment can have their seat re-assigned by check-in staff at the airport.

Remember that check-in desks close an hour prior to departure, the baggage drop desk also closes when the check-in desk close, if you have checked in online and have baggage, you still need to get to the airport in sufficient time to drop your bags. If all you have is hand luggage and your boarding card, then you can go straight to security and onto the departure gate where your flight will be waiting.

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