Options to the Caribbean

Posted on 14/03/2023

Options to the Caribbean

The Caribbean has never been so accessible from the UK, there are direct flights to a great many places in the Caribbean, perhaps more than some would think! New routes opened up in the last year or so include Turks & Caicos, St. Vincent, Aruba, Bahamas and Georgetown.

But in today’s world of infinite options, there are many other options to get you to the Caribbean too, let’s take a look at some of those options.

The Air Canada Option.

Air Canada operate to a great many Caribbean destinations, of course it all goes via Toronto where you can stopover either going or coming back, this means you can visit friends and family both in Canada and the Caribbean in one fell swoop!

One family simply used this option to get to their destination more cheaply than was otherwise available, another used this option to meet with their family in Canada before they all went down together for a family reunion.

Toronto like London has many different Caribbean communities who have made the city their home, why not include Toronto in your next trip down to the Caribbean?

Places you can connect to in the Caribbean include, Kingston, Montego Bay, Trinidad, Grenada and Barbados, some involve an overnight connection, you can put down a deposit and pay the balance 6 weeks before you go.

The Virgin Atlantic / Delta Option

Depending on your Caribbean destination you can transit in several places they include New York, Miami and Atlanta. Best save the stopover for the return journey and turn your trip into a shopping trip by visiting the many shopping outlets in these destinations, you’ll need an extra suitcase for all that shopping!

Atlanta is a big metropolis which is gaining recognition for its thriving economy, diverse culture, and vibrant nightlife. The Big Apple remains “The Big Apple” – enough said! And Miami an East Coast favourite where your Spanish will come in very handy!

Places you can connect to include, Kingston, Montego Bay, Trinidad and Georgetown, there are other but these tend to be the popular choices, same day or overnight connections might be available, check at the time of booking.

Air France – KLM

Air France – KLM (AFKL) joined forces many years ago and operate as a single carrier, this means their network is vast! To the Caribbean they have destinations new to many of our regular customers, the beauty of AFKL is their connectivity, they have flights leaving Birmingham, Leeds/Bradford and Newcastle as well as Heathrow.

Of course, their offering into the Caribbean is a little different Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao St Maarten, Martinique, Cuba and Guadeloupe, some familiar favourites however are Port of Spain, Barbados and Surinam.

Connections take place at Amsterdam Schiphol and Paris Charles De Gaul and are usually quite good. The Caribbean just got a whole lot bigger, we are so excited about these new destinations!

Jet Blue

Jet Blue started flying to the UK a couple of years ago primarily London to JFK and Boston and from their network in the US to other places in the US and the Caribbean however never as a connection, what that meant was two individual tickets, now that is changing they are trailing several destinations where they are making a connection, this will mean one ticket, through check-in and hopefully easier baggage transfer to your connecting flight.

Currently the destinations being trailed are;
Jamaica, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos Islands, Aruba and Cancun. The fares are great, the aircraft are modern and don’t forget the shopping!

Let’s not forget Jet Blue has a comprehensive network in the US and their product is not a low cost carrier, you get the full service with their “Blue” package, this include baggage, meals, seats and free Wi-Fi!

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