Leave Island Any Time #LIAT

Posted on 23/05/2016

Leave Island Any Time #LIAT

Now, we all know that flying with LIAT (Leave Island Any Time, Luggage In Another Terminal, Late If A Tarl) airlines is no walk in the park; and the advice here would be far from anything new for the majority of us “seasoned travellers”. BUT, for some unsuspecting passengers, it’s their first time and a little insight is needed.

Here goes…

1. Do NOT take all of “foreign” home with you. You’re only allowed 50 lbs/23 kg in your checked bag and 15lbs/7kg in your carry on piece. The chances of you receiving your bag in the first place are already slim to ‘maybe’ but if you add ‘complications’ (gifts and treats for all the family), well, let’s just say ‘slim to none’ is a more accurate assumption. Our advice: Send A Barrel!

Another Tip: Please PACK ALL medications and pertinent items in your carry-on luggage!

We have received word that bags are taking up to 3-5 days to arrive to passengers after they have landed at Ogle. We have to applaud UK Royal Mail here; wouldn’t you agree? At least they’re gracious enough to give a time frame of when to expect your belongings.

2. Delays are inevitable. It’s a peak period for LIAT, especially going into Guyana for the upcoming celebrations. So our best advice here: have a good book or fully charged tablet to keep you entertained and be sure to have a bit of spare change on hand. Venturing out to Cheffete’s in Barbados may be your saving grace – word to the wise, don’t expect the airline to feed you.

3. Reconfirm your flight and leave a local contact number or email address that you will be able to access easily. Sometimes LIAT sends us “spur of the moment” schedule changes and we try to contact you to make you awarre of said changes but are unable to do so. Leave your auntie’s uncle, brothers cell number if you have to, just in case we have to get word to you that a change has occurred with your flight.

4. Finally, but by no means least. Be nice to the agent at the desk. They are in charge. They are in charge. They run the show! The biggest mistake a lot of passengers make is that they think giving the agents a “good telling off” is the way to go, that somehow by verbally abusing the travel agents at the desk will make things happen for them. No! it will not!

It’s quite the opposite actually, and while LIATS’s customer service leaves MUCH to be desired, you’ll be surprised that being nice will get you a whole lot further than cursing the agent.

NB: Remember to check in at least 3 hours before your flight and that you clear Immigration and Security at least 45 minutes before you’re scheduled departure.

Safe Travels & Happy Golden Jubilee!

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