Latest travel update 27 Aug21

Posted on 27/08/2021

Latest travel update 27 Aug21

There was much speculation that in this week’s announcement on the “traffic light system” for travel would see Jamaica, St Lucia and Dominica move to the red list.

This of course panicked those either in those countries or planning to go to those countries and in some cases cost people money to change their travel arrangements before the speculated restrictions came into place.

Yesterday evening, the government announcement was released, and the speculation was shot to pieces, there was no changes to the restrictions for people returning from the Caribbean back to the UK.

The Government proposes to review the covid situation around the world every three weeks and make the necessary changes to its “traffic light system” accordingly. Pundits will speculate as to what the likely changes are going to be, it is difficult for us to react to such speculation, and we would urge our customers not to react to speculation either.

We answered dozens of enquires from panicked clients regarding Islands moving to the red list, whilst we are happy to answer any questions our clients have, it was very difficult trying to guess as to the likely position to the red list prior to the government’s announcement and so a lot of time and emotion was wasted on all sides due to speculation.

There is likely to be restrictions to travel for the foreseeable future, we as a company cannot be expected to react to speculation every three weeks and so, in the future will not join the body of speculators in guessing the outcome of the government announcement. We will wait until we have the official announcement and act accordingly, we trust you agree!

Countries on the amber list:

St Kitts & Nevis
St Lucia
St Vincent

Countries on the green list:

Antigua & Barbuda

Countries on the red list:

Trinidad & Tobago

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