Introducing JetBlue

Posted on 14/02/2024

Introducing JetBlue

You could be forgiven for not knowing much about this airline as they are relatively new to the UK market but in the US they are very well known!
JetBlue hail as a low cost, full service airline which in this day and age with other airlines charging for all and sundry is rather refreshing!
They operate over 1000 flights a day to destinations all over the US, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, South & Central America and now Europe.
There are two main hubs, JFK and Boston, at JFK they occupy the whole of terminal 5, the old TWA terminal.

Many airlines have tried to adopt a low cost model for the Trans-Atlantic route but have failed.
JetBlue have approached things differently, instead of trying to re-hash failed models, they decided to fly smaller ultra efficient aircrafts ( Airbus Neo’s) with less than 200 seats.
Other carriers have over 350 seats, having fewer seats to sell the threshold for operating a profitable flight is lower than its competitors.

That covers the “low cost” Part of their “mantra” how about the full service?
JetBlue is bucking the trend of low cost carriers to remove all the frills, they call the frills “ancillaries” meals, seats, luggage and the like are labelled as ancillaries and the money raised from their sales can make the difference between a profitable flight and an unprofitable one.

At this time and hopefully for a long time to come JetBlue include the ancillaries which include;

*   Legroom seats, JetBlue offer legroom (32 inches) at no extra cost.
*   Free seat assignments, other airlines charge from £39 depending on the seat.
*   23 Kg of checked baggage, 1 piece of hand luggage and a small personal item.
*   On board meal.
*   Snacks.
*   Drinks.
*   Free WIFI.
*   Entertainment.

When you compare this to other carriers, the fact that you don’t pay for pre-seating, WIFI could easily mean a saving of between £80 – £100 at least.

If you want the business class experience JetBlue have their “Mint” their business class,
they have 22 fully enclosed Mint Suites with all-aisle-access, fully lie-flat seats and a door for added privacy and 2 Mint Studios, featuring the largest bed and TV (22”!) on a U.S. airline, a mirrored vanity, and an extra seat and table—to work, lounge and entertain.


So far we have had no complaints from those who have flown with JetBlue, we even hear that immigration at the JetBlue terminal can be between 20-40 minutes, Terminal 4 is easily 1-2 hours!

If you wish to try JetBlue on your next trip to the US or even to any of their connecting destinations do get in touch with us.


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