Don’t take poor advice

Posted on 31/03/2021

Don’t take poor advice

We are getting calls for fares to various places in the Caribbean. We of course are happy to quote a fare but more importantly we are also letting people know about the restrictions.

We are NOT so happy when people are calling just for the restrictions having made a booking elsewhere and not received the necessary information on the restrictions for their destination. A word to the wise, if your travel provider does not provide you with all the information you need to travel, find another travel provider!

BUT, be warned! Some travel providers are just happy to sell you a ticket! They don’t care whether or not the destination is open to arrivals from the UK. or whether you will have to pay £1750 on your return, they don’t tell you what test are required, when and where etc. they leave you to find all that out for yourselves siting travel documentation is the responsibility of the passenger! Be warned!

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