Posted on 02/09/2015


This year’s Atlantic hurricane season began with dramatic effect with the arrival of Tropical Storm Erika, which wreaked havoc on the island of Dominica. Experiencing about one inch of torrential rainfall every hour for about 12 hours, Erika destroyed bridges and triggered landslides.

In Roseau, buildings sitting on the edge of the river were partially swept away along with roads and at least several other wooden structures.

WINAIR is the first airline to resume scheduled service into Dominica as the airport main Douglas Charles sustained damage during the passing of Tropical storm Erika. WINAIR has resumed service with the DHC 600 Twin Otter to Canefield Airport in Dominica.

Winair will operate daily service for the next 10 days. When field conditions allow, WINAIR and its partner Air Antilles will resume service into Douglas Charles airport utilizing ATR 500 aircraft.

This temporary service to alternative airport Canefield in Dominica is a first step in Dominica’s return to normalcy. This flight provides concrete support and air connectivity to Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten to the people of Dominica.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all those on the island of Dominica during this very difficult time.

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