Cruising Then & Now

Posted on 20/10/2016

Cruising Then & Now

Cruising Then…

In the early 20th century The concept of the superliner was developed and the development of these massive and ornate floating hotels was under way.

The years between 1920 and 1940 were considered the most glamorous years for transatlantic passenger ships. These ships catered to the rich and famous who were seen enjoying luxurious settings on numerous newsreels viewed by the general public.

The 1960s witnessed the beginnings of the modern cruise industry. Cruise ship companies concentrated on vacation trips in the Caribbean, and created a “fun ship” image which attracted many passengers who would have never had the opportunity to travel on the superliners of the 1930s and 1940s.

Cruising Now!

Today, there are 62 documented Cruise Lines with 448 Cruise Ships amongst them, representing more than 95 percent of global cruise capacity. The Cruise industry caters to everyone and has seen tremendous growth over the last decade; so much so that passenger numbers for 2016 are projected to be in excess of 24 million after its current season.

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