Bargain is the new Black

Posted on 20/10/2015

Bargain is the new Black

We all love a good Bargain, which is why we would like to share a few tips with you when “shopping around” for the best fares for travel to the Caribbean.

As Caribbean people, whether a relative of, a descendant of or Jaquan’s ‘half-sister brother’s second cousin’s wife father-in-law child’; we’re wired to love a good bargain. It’s something that has been engrained in us from childhood being told “when tings free – tek two”.

The Caribbean community in the UK is wired such that there are few travel agencies around that offer fares worthy of capturing our attention when we wish to fly home, and every so often the airlines tempt us (toy with our emotions) by sending out what they classify ‘special offers’.

When the community gets wind of this, it’s common nature to jump on the phone and make the necessary calls to our favourite agents.

In some instances, you make a call, get a quote – enquiry over. On your second call, you get the quote, but the price is that good you leave your details in likes of making a booking.

Now, because finding the best fare is ultimately a family afair, the third and fourth call may involve your recruits – a brother or an aunty twice removed. Now, as you haven’t been able to “conference” to go over the findings, consequently a second booking is made under the same name for the same or similar dates.

Tip for the day! – Your first booking will be cancelled by the airline.

It happens time and time again, having duplicate bookings at different agencies. Moral of the story – never give your name to an agent unless you INTEND to make a booking. Some agencies *whispered voice* take your name and necesarry details and don’t tell you they’re making a booking.

The next day, you call back the preferred agency where you actively made your booking, only to be told “sorry it’s been cancelled as you’ve made another booking elsewhere…”.

In some cases, the agents may be able to salvage it and save the day by jumping through hoops with the airline but for those of us who haven’t been so lucky in the past or for any future bargain finders…


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