Are you Covid-19 exempt?

Posted on 20/04/2021

Are you Covid-19 exempt?

There are a list of workers who because of their job are exempt from the usual quarantine, this even applies to those who may be returning from one of the red list countries.

Check below if your job makes you exempt and click here to check the .gov website

Jobs that qualify for travel exemptions

Aerospace engineers
Aircraft pilots and crew
BBC broadcasting transmission network and services
Border security duties – UK officials and contractors
Border security duties – non-UK officials and contractors
Bus and coach drivers
Channel Tunnel system workers
Civil aviation inspectors
Clinical trials or studies
Crown servants or government contractors
Data infrastructure maintenance
Defence personnel, visiting forces and government contractors
Diplomatic missions, international organisations and conferences
Downstream oil facility workers
Drivers of goods vehicles
Electronic communications networks
Elite sportspersons – domestic
Elite sportspersons – international
Environment Agency relating to flood and coastal erosion risk management
Eurostar International workers
Eurotunnel workers
High Speed 2 rail workers
International prison escorts
IT and telecoms workers
Medical evacuation
Medical treatment
Urgent medical treatment
Medicines – human and veterinary
Network Rail workers
Nuclear personnel
Nuclear emergency responder
Offshore oil and gas
OPCW and IAEA inspectors
Postal workers
Quality assurance inspectors for human and veterinary medicines
Regular work abroad
Regular work in the UK, living abroad
Representatives of a foreign country or territory or British overseas territories
Seamen and masters and inspectors and surveyors of ships
Seasonal agricultural workers
Specialist technical workers – sub-sea telecommunications infrastructure
Specialist technical workers – goods and services
Specialist technical workers – waste
Specialist technical workers – power infrastructure
Specialist technical workers – space infrastructure
Transiting through the UK
Transporting human cells or blood
Water supplies and sewerage services workers

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