Why book with a Travel Agent

Posted on 05/01/2021

Why book with a Travel Agent

We often question whether or not travel agents are value for money and whether or not they are depends on the agent. If you have a good agent then you can expect the following;

Good advice and information, this is particularly useful during times of disruption, it allows you to make informed decisions.

Updates, when there are changes you are informed what the changes are and how it affects you and your travel plans.

Support, this is essential when changes happen after you have departed. Your agent will get in touch and tell you what has happened and how it affect you, they will offer you solutions that are available and tell you where you turn for additional help and support.

No one thinks about what can go wrong when they travel but if you have a good travel agent in your corner and things do go wrong, you have help on hand. During this time of the global pandemic, we have been on hand throughout to help and assist our clients.

Good agents have never been busier! But they are not busy selling travel, they are busy fixing and solving problems that have been thrown up due to the pandemic.

A good travel agent represents very good value and you want one in your corner when things go wrong – definitely!

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