Who said pigs can’t fly!

Posted on 08/12/2014

Who said pigs can’t fly!

A disruptive pig and its owner were kicked off a US Airways flight at Bradley International Airport, in Connecticut after literally causing a stink on board.

The pair were shown to their seat but were subsequently ordered off the plane after flight attendants saw the animal was becoming too disruptive.

The pig was legally allowed on board the plane as a registered ’emotional support animal’.

Jonathan Skolnik, a University of Massachusetts professor who was on the flight, said he initially thought the female passenger was carrying a duffel bag. Then he smelled a stench.

“It’s no duffel bag but a rather stout PIG … on a leash,” he said in an email sent to The Associated Press. “Am I dreaming?”

The woman sat next to him and tethered the pig to the armrest, Skolnik said.

“Oh no, it gets worse: the pig is incontinent,” he wrote.

The passenger scrambled to keep control of the pig while trying to clean up its mess, Skolnik said. Then the pig began running back and forth, he said.

Fellow passengers complained to flight crew after the pig was reportedly squealing, moving around and defecated in the aisle.

Airline spokesperson Laura Masvidal confirmed the pair were ordered off the plane on the tarmac before the scheduled takeoff.

American Airlines, the parent company of US Airways, said the woman had the pig as an emotional support animal and was asked to leave the plane after it became disruptive.

Expect the unexpected when flying to the US is all we can say.


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