Couple turned away from airport with ‘bargain’ tickets.

Posted on 14/01/2013

Couple turned away from airport with ‘bargain’ tickets.

It was reported today in one of the travel publications that a couple who had booked ‘bargain’ flights were turned away from the airport.

It transpires that the couple had booked their ‘bargain £800’ tickets online from Birmingham to Trinidad over the Christmas period, but had no idea that they had booked Birmingham Alabama, not Birmingham U.K.

The cost of tickets to Trinidad for travel during the month of December when purchased late were well over £1000, alarm bells should have gone off when fares were coming back for under £1000. It seems the couple did do other searches that gave them prices of up to £1500 but jumped at the £800 when they saw it.

All that glitters is not gold!

This brings me to another point, we have noticed on one or two occasion’s calls from people who are fishing for information. Typically they will ask for a complicated itinerary for the dates they want and then they’ll want all the details, some even ask for it to be faxed or emailed. We believe that these usually aren’t genuine enquiries, they are people who are unsure of what to book on the internet and want some kind of assurance from us that what they may be getting on the internet is safe to book. We can’t do that – If people want our knowledge, information or advice then they need to pay for the same services our passengers pay for and not expect to get them for free, what do you think?

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